Be prepared for the unexpected with this ultra-tiny tool that features a Lock-Pick Set and two saws.

At TIHK we believe in being prepared for anything. Survival in an urban environment is complex. Beyond the large range of threats you may face, there’s often little to no warning. To be prepared it is crucial that you have the proper tools with you at all times. We created the EvadeClip for just that purpose.

TIHK EvadeClip

The integrated clip enables easy attachment to your person, such as on your clothing, or somewhere else on your gear like within a bag. The overall shape is as minimal as possible at only 1/4″ thickness and 1/2″ wide by 2-1/2″ long. In the final product, the visible metal pieces will have a dark coating to further the stealthy appearance of the EvadeClip.

We need your help to make the EvadeClip a reality. By pre-ordering you are helping us hit the $20,000 pre-sales goal necessary to fund tooling and initial production costs. Your pre-order will be shipped this summer after we complete our first production run. You will be charged for your pre-order immediately and can expect to receive the product in late-June. Orders will be shipped in the order that they are received on our website.

TIHK EvadeClip 2

Originally, we launched the EvadeClip on Indiegogo on March 24th. By the time we cancelled the campaign on April 14th, we had raised over $56,000 towards our $20,000 goal. Unfortunately, we an into an issue with the Terms of Use of Indiegogo that ultimately led to their legal team requiring the removal of the lock pick feature. Because the lock pick feature is such an integral part of EvadeClip we decided to close down the IndieGoGo campaign and begin to take pre-orders here on our website.

This change wasn’t easy to do, but ultimately we felt this was the right thing for the product and our customers. By doing so, we’ve been able to pull in the shipment date by several weeks.

TIHK EvadeClip 3

The EvadeClip is a tool and has the potential to be dangerous and cause injury. Our products are intended for use in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws. Improper or illegal use of the EvadeClip is not endorsed or encouraged. Use of all products is at your own personal risk and discretion.

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