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Airsoft Outlet NorthwestIn addition to the KRYTAC Trident AEGs, KRYTAC and KRISS Group have a number of other licenses that will contribute to their line of training rifles. One of the big names associated with KRYTAC is WarSport Industries. WarSport is famous for the LVOA, or Low Visibility Operations Application SBR and Rifle.

The real WarSport LVOA is designed with some pretty specific features in mind, but one major thing will carry over into the airsoft version: it looks super bad-ass. The original rifle was often equipped with a Magpul UBR stock, but is also currently being offered with a more traditional crane stock.

In order to reduce visibility, the LVOA comes in Foliage Green with some black accents. We expect the replica will match the color scheme of the original.

KRYTAC WarSport Industries

Without any word yet from KRYTAC, it’s hard to know exactly what the WarSport LVOA airsoft gun will be equipped with. However, it should feature a free float rail with the unique cut-out at the muzzle and a recessed flash hider/muzzle brake, like the real one. Whether the bungee system threaded in the handguard will be included is yet to be seen.

Since the WarSport LVOA runs a cool $3,000+, most folks will never get the chance to own one. A KRYTAC WarSport LVOA training replica, however, should be much more affordable, and will not only be attractive to enthusiasts of the rifle, but will offer a training variant for low-cost shooting that may appeal to owners of the original.

Airsoft Outlet NW is always looking for the latest news and insider stories, so let us know if you hear any rumors. We’ll do our best to ferret them out.


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