Thirty Seconds Out | New Store in Mömbris [DE]

Thirty Seconds Out, a veteran owned and inspired company from the States finally opens their gates in Germany. They have some really great designs I personally like a lot. If you´re in Central Europe, love the tactical style, have a look and get some nice gear.

It’s been a long haul, but we’re finally up and running in Germany! For a while, we’ve wanted to have an EU presence. It just made sense to spread out the wares so you guys outside of the States could save some bucks on shipping, customs, VAT, or any of that stuff.

If you remember our UK Store launch, this will be kind of similar. Our new store in Mömbris comes with new Germany specific designs, as well as some of the old favorites. We will be adding product as we grow and we’re looking forward to building this thing up!

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