Introducing the EMG MAGPICK

We know you have all experienced this or know someone who has experienced this before… you are in the process of loading your gas pistol mags, you load one or two and everything is fine, but then suddenly your thumb gets tired trying to hold down the follower under spring tension and it just slips rocketing back up and in most cases destroys your feed lips. How do we know this happens? Because we here at the EMG test labs may have uttered a few choice profanities on the regular when this happens. Fret no more! We here at the EMG test labs are now featuring the solution to this seemingly minuscule but none-the-less rage inducing and at the very least inconveniencing issue; we present to you the EMG MAGPICK tool. This simple tool conveniently puts at your finger tips 4 differently sized follower holders so you can say goodbye to fatigued fingers, a flat-head as well as a hex key for CO2 mags to quickly and easily swap out those cartridges, and a baseplate punch pin because we don’t always have a pen handy to use for this purpose.

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