A classic gets what a classic deserve – M81 camo pattern

The Slingster in M81 Woodland pattern debut worldwide June 18th 12pm MST. We provide you a quick view at it here right now and kindly remind you to “sign the f*!k up” if you want it! They will go fast that´s sure… link below.

About: The Slingster was developed to be the most modular sling on the market. Its rapid adjust rubberized pull tab allows the ability to quickly transition your weapon from securely slung to combat ready.



  • Can be utilized in one point or two point configurations using the correct hardware.
  • Adjustable pad to maximize comfort.
  • Removable pad allowing the use of a plain Slingster.
  • Open ended design gives user the choice of mounting hardware.

Sign up for the release on the 18th of June >> https://ferroconcepts.com/the-slingster-m81-woodland-limited-edition