A art piece of it´s own!

Introducing the THE MOSIN: 130 YEARS OF COMBAT 2021 CALENDAR

A friend of mine, a well known Photographer in the firearms industry Jonathan just released his Limited Edition calendar called: The MOSIN 130 Years of Combat Calendar. As you can expect from it´s name already, it´s about a true boomstick classic from the past – The Mosin Nagant  “the Lord of War”. No other title better describes the weapon, created by Sergei Ivanovitch Mosin for the Czar’s Army.

Introduced during a time when a modern, reliable, repeating rifle was needed to equal, or best, European weapons, the Three-Line Rifle, Model 1891, started as the standard Russian Empire infantry rifle during World War I, before serving the then-young Union of Soviet Socialist Republics soon after.

Upgraded to the Model 1891/30 Rifle, it became the Red Army’s standard infantry weapon during the Great Patriotic War. Extremely Reliable, easy to maintain, and very efficient, the Model 1891/30 Rifle has often been manufactured and repaired by men and women who survived some of the most difficult times in modern History.

If you want to call this outstanding art piece your own, you better be fast as they won´t be long available!

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