Introducing | The M1 Carrier Pack

Out now from Eberlestock is their new M1 Carrier Pack which is basically a frame that offers you lots of options to carrie things. Read about the facts below:

The M1 Carrier is the most compact base pack in the Eberlestock Modular System.  Although small, the Carrier has the same essential body-contact geometry as a large freighter frame.  With the M1 you’ll discover that you can do just as much with the right small pack as you can with a giant freighter.

M1 Carrier Pack

And for most of us, smaller is better 90% of the time.  With the Carrier, you can run in compact mode but then scale it up as big you need to go.

Designed to be as functional, durable and lightweight as a frame can get, the possibilities with the Carrier are endless.  See the short list below of the bags and accessories that you can use with it — this truly is a build-it-as-you-like-it modular system.


  • Kite
  • Switchblade
  • Downranger
  • Transformer
  • Little Big Top
  • Big Top
  • Little Brother
  • Batwing Pouch
  • Spike Camp Duffel
  • Super Spike Camp Duffel
  • J-type Dry Bag

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