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Everyone knows that the UK’s weather is often “unpredictable” but that doesn’t stop events from happening – and we have full reports from three of the biggest:

The Airsoft Surgeon Shield Cup 2019, where Action Air shooters from 12 different countries fought for top honours; War & Peace Revival, possibly the biggest display of living military history in Europe and Airfest, the annual airsoft and paintball “shoot and social”. In the Armoury this month, we take a look at the Specna Arms SA-02 Core bolt-action springer and two BLE pistols from ICS, the XPD and BM9. We also get hold of a UK-made mock supressor for the SIG MCX, which turns out to be a little gem! As always, our features are as wide and varied as airsoft itself, as we focus on Airsoft Photographer, Lauren Davey (and also have a site report from her home site, Mid Wales Airsoft); Phil takes some pot shots at AttackSense targets and Steve T kicks off a new series called “Life With A…”, starting with “Bolt Action Rifle”. We also have an in-depth interview with Joe “John Wicks” Skillings, the man behind airsoft rental company, and if you are looking for a new pair of gloves, make sure you read Bill’s article about the latest releases from German brand, KinetiXx …and that’s before moving onto our regular columns, such as “Versus: Sten v MP40”, “The Collector: Spas 12”, “The Cage: Plate Carriers” and “Last Post: Chrono Confusion”! PLUS, PLUS, PLUS… as an added bonus for digital issue readers only, this issue also includes the latest 100-page Product Catalogue and all you have to do is click or tap any image to be taken directly to their website! How cool is that?

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