The ATEK Kit was designed to modernize the EVO 3 A1 features, improving ergonomics while respecting its original design. With minimal contours streamlining weapon manipulation with key features, the ATEK creates better ergonomics that translate into a superior shooting experience and improved handling.

The ATEK design and concept comes from our desire not only to rethink the design of the EVO but also develop something that has ties to ‘Real World’ application. Even though it’s only released as an airsoft add-on, we still wanted the ATEK to have that authentic feel and function -just like the original EVO.

The ATEK is available as:

  • Complete Kit Midcap – Ref. 19335
  • Complete Kit Hicap – Ref. 19334
  • ATEK Handguard – Ref. 19330
  • TEK Anged Front Grip – Ref. 19331
  • ATEK Magwell Hicap – Ref. 19332
  • ATEK Magwell Midcap – Ref. 19333

See the whole ATEK Series here: