Medic Monday gear feature – TT IFAK Pouch S

Let´s kick this week in with a “Medic Monday” product spotlight that is just perfect for your EDC medical needs and beyond, the Tasmanian Tiger IFAK Pouch S. Fits perfect on your belt or MOLLE compatible gear.

The panel inside is modular and you´re able to put the med-kit inside that is required for the mission or activity you´re up for. Doesn’t matter if at the range, on a hike or outdoors with the family, your preferred “First Aid” essentials are always in reach!

Quick access via the pull-tap, panel itself is secured with a cord that can be removed if not needed. Bungeecord at the top and the left side are able to hold additional gear like TQs. The 700den CORDURA material provides a long lifetime too.

Got your interest?

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