TAG Them All! With the TAG-ML36

The guys at Evike Airsoft have been checking out this bad guy for you and there´s their video review. Enjoy!

“The TAG-ML36 Grenade Launcher with its rifled TAGinn barrel is a shell-less launcher that fires TAGinn projectiles directly without the need of any launching “Shell”. The TAG-ML36 is a mutual project of TAGinn and “Madritsch Weapon Technology”.

TAG-ML36 is a pneumatic training system for the ML-40 launcher by “Madritsch WT” This launcher may be installed on any 20mm under-barrel rail, or on a special standalone chassis. Powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge TAG-ML36 may shoot 8-10 consistent shots per cartridge.”

Build your launcher here:

Launcher System: www.evike.com/products/92011

Standalone Chassis System: www.evike.com/products/92013