Tactical Tailor introduces the Jetboil Pouch.

Gone are the days of digging through a stuffed pack in order to get a quick cup of brew, or to make a quick meal. With Tactical Tailor’s Jetboil Pouch, you can have easy access to your personal cooking stove without having to worry about the hassle of unpacking and repacking.

Tactical Tailor Jetboil Pouch 2

The pouch will fit a standard Jetboil or Primus personal cooking stove and also allows enough extra room for a meal, providing quick access when you get a brief break, because we all know that the little down time you may get might be one of the only chances to eat for a while.

Tactical Tailor Jetboil Pouch 3

The pouch has two Fight Light Malice clips on the back, allowing it to be attached to the outside of your pack, freeing up space on the inside.

Tactical Tailor Jetboil Pouch 4

The roll down top helps ensure a proper seal to keep out dirt and debris that inevitably comes when trekking anywhere other than up an escalator. This pouch comes in several color options and is a staple to any long term packing expedition.

Available in Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam and Wolf Grey.

NOTE: Actual Jetboil cooking system is NOT included.

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