The grill season is near friends!

So grill in style, grill in the shade: Tactical Grilling Visors offer relief from the hot sun. Paired with a Tactical Grilling Apron and Tactical Beer Shingle, you’re pretty much assured a kick-ass day at the grill. Made of high performance water- and stain-repellant soft shell material, Tactical Grilling Visors are as durable as a crocodiles ass: they’re tough as hell. Toss in a sweat wicking, lightweight, breathable sweatband, and all day comfort, like your liver, is in the bag!

…also make sure to see the new patches which you can buy straight with you new Visor cap!

Tactical Grilling provides a new breed of tools for Law Enforcement Officers, Military Personnel, Public Safety and Security Professionals, Shooters, Hunters, Outdoorsmen, and everyone looking for the best grilling equipment available. 😉