Currently on pre-order the Tactical Distributors – TD Stand Your Ground Jeans are expected to start shipping in early September 2016.

The SYG Dark Denim Jean was made with the conceal carry person in mind. We spent over 6 months trying various designs, fabrics and pocket set ups to accommodate the low viz conceal carry customer. The outcome… The Stand Your Ground (SYG) Jean.

Tactical Distributors - TD Stand Your Ground Jeans

The platform of this jean was based upon a 13oz super stretch denim fabric that gives the user mobility where other jeans do not. We carefully placed 10 pockets around the jean in key positions for both right and left handed shooters.

Tactical Distributors - TD Stand Your Ground Jeans 3

All of the pockets are set up for either blades, tools, pistol mags or AR-15 30 round mags. We constructed them in a way that is not apparent to by standers. Like other low viz clothing it is very important to blend in with your surroundings.

Tactical Distributors - TD Stand Your Ground Jeans 2

Simple design elements like 2” wide belt loops to accommodate most CCW belts or riggers belts. Seam hidden back pockets for AR magazines. 2 ply front hand pocket so you don’t get your ring or watch hung up on your folding knife. These are just a few of the features that were implemented into the SYG jean.

Like all of the clothing Tactical Distributors designs and produces we stand behind it! We offer you the customer, great product at a great price. Value for the customer and innovative design has been our philosophy since we made our first product 5 years ago.

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