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Tactical Assault Gear released their new Vanguard Armor Carrier w/ Standard Cummerbund one of TAG’s most anticipated new products for 2015.

TAG’s® Vanguard plate carrier sets the standard in the industry for what a plate should be. The vanguard is a light weight plate carrier that works with any set of hard armor plates and soft armor backers. SAPI, ESAPI, XSAPI, standalone level 4, swimmer cut and shooter cut armor plates all fit into the Vanguard.

The triple magazine front panel is sewn into the carrier and will fit 30 round 5.56mm, AK47, and 7.62 x 51 magazines. You will never need to change out your magazine pouches again when using different weapon platforms. Another unique feature the Vanguard has that separates it from all other plate carriers is the ability to swap out the cummerbund systems. TAG® has a licensing agreement with Crye Precision® for the use of the Skeletal™ cummerbund.


You can choose from our standard cummerbund or choose the Skeletal™, for the same price. The cummerbunds are fully adjustable and swapping them out is easy with our G Hook™ attachment system. The Vanguard has built in padded and fully adjustable shoulder straps. The tops of the shoulder straps have both nylon webbing and elastic webbing for mounting and routing tourniquets, hydration tubes, radio antennas, handsets, comm wires, V Lites®, and strobe lights.

Spacer mesh is used on the inside of the Vanguard for increased breathability and comfort. Matching Velcro® loop covers the upper front and back portions of the carrier for any size Velcro® placards. Strong drag handle that Velcro’s down and out of the way when not in use. Berry Compliant, made in the USA, lifetime warranty, 500 denier Invista® Cordura® nylon.


  • Fits 5.56mm, 7.62 x 39, & 7.62 x 51 magazines
  • Interchangeable cummerbund system
  • Fully adjustable & padded shoulder straps
  • Spacer mesh for comfort & breathability
  • Large Velcro® area for placards
  • All matching Velcro®, webbing & hardware

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