Can you learn it that quick too?

T.REX ARMS recently published a video demonstrating the basics of how to shoot a pistol in a 10~ minute video which includes some reference film material whilst narrating the specific values of pistol shooting. Lucas ignores non-repeating pistols and focuses on semi-automatic pistols such as the Glock 19 and other similar single action and striker-fired pistols.

Lucas starts off the narration with pistol open sights and electronic sights, highlighting how one should be aiming their pistol and tips on how you should do that. He also includes how there is a time and place to not be aiming with your pistol sights compared to traditional aiming.

The next subject is the grip

Considering a pistol slide reciprocates and causes recoil, the grip is essential to controlling that recoil and maintaining a good sight alignment with the target. Lucas mentions death gripping the handgun but also iterates that it should not be so tight that the hands shake whilst aiming.

As we reach the middle of the video, Lucas talks about posture and how the gun should be brought up to the head and not vice versa. Bending the knees and making sure that the arms aren’t completely stretched out. This allows for natural suspension upon recoil of the pistol and gives more flexibility to move the body before and after the shot.

Trigger control

Trigger control becomes the next subject which is “essentially” the main reason for missing when everything else is being done right. Lucas argues the context of “letting the shot surprise you” and talks about how you should know when the gun is going to go off. Learning how to pull the trigger without jerking or leading the pistol in that moment of firing will improve accuracy overall.

Get on Target

Driving the gun on target is a timing-based process that allows you to shoot faster and is also known as cadence shooting. Lucas talks about how you will have to practice to get a hang of your pistol as every gun is different. Being able to control and time your shots will allow you to get more accurate shots on target without having to spend time re-aligning your sights for another sight picture.

Lucas ends the video with reloads and weapon malfunctions. He talks about the basics of how important it is to know your pistol and actually understand how the pistol works to then be able to deal with reloading and reacting to weapon malfunctions. Overall, T.REX ARMS has been very informative in this video and provided a good foundation for learning how to shoot a pistol within a quick video introduction.

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