After some great day at the Nuremberg IWA I´m back to present you something new.

It´s not military style camo gear this time but something that can honestly save your ass outside in the wilderness.
At the IWA I found a nice little swedish company called NEVERLOST. They came up with the idea to produce real easy-to-spot gear that works, looks good and is ready to use.
The variety is wide. It ranges from fishing knife over dry bags to first aid kits and some good axes. All product have one thing in common: they are black-orange colored.

Now I can hear some of you scream: ORANGE……WTF??

And from my inside view as a survival guide I strongly have to recommend to wear something orange! Make yourself seen! Stick out! This is more important as the most of you are not constantly involved in military operations and just want to spend some time in the open. And there is nothing better. Have you ever dried to find your camo knife at night in deep moss? No chance! But here the first pictures taken from there website. Enjoy!

All the gear features the typical day-glow orange and black. The contrasting colores work awesome. And besides that it looks stylish and modern. All bagy feature a waterproof pocket for documents, toiletpaper, food or ammo. The zippers are strong and most of them are water proof. The last picture is one I´ve made at the IWA:

The link to the website of neverlost:

So. Thats it for today… your local search and rescue team: get lost!
See you outside and check our new link: