The Surrept Carry System from SOG Knives.A Carry System for Those Who Put a Priority on Preparedness

Designed for urban every day carry, SURREPT Carry System is a new line of packs designed for daily carry users who make preparedness a priority.

With clean, understated designs that conceal the depth of their functionality, these packs – available in six sizes – are created for those who rise to the challenge of daily life.

Comfortable and full of internal organization options, Surrept packs balance the needs of confident users with the demands of preparedness.

Highlights of SOG’s new Surrept Carry System:
• Six Sizes: From a small storage pouch to 36-liter travel pack.
• Low Visibility: Understated and discreet.
• Systemized: Designed to work in conjunction with each other.
• Quick Access: Easy to open and get to essentials.
• Logical Layout: Layered and considered inside each pack.
• Easy Carrying: Padded straps for extra comfort.

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