Introducing the X400 Ultra with Green Laser

The versatile and powerful X400-GN Ultra WeaponLight boasts a reliable green-laser diode that produces a vibrant green-laser sight optimized for detection by the human eye, even in broad daylight.


Surefire X400 Ultra


It all started in 1979, when SureFire became the first to mount a commercially available laser—and soon after that a bright white light—atop a pistol. That innovative spirit is still going strong. Own the best, wield an X400-GN Ultra!




  • Virtually indestructible 500-lumen LED regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • High-visibility 5 mW green laser sight
  • TIR lens for close- to medium-range applications
  • Quick-detach rail clamp with adapters for Picatinny and Universal rails
  • Accepts optional pistol grip and long gun forend switches
  • Construction—High-strength aerospace aluminum with Mil-Spec anodizing; impact-resistant polymer; coated tempered window
  • Weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
  • Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life

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