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Real Testing – Real Lumens Every Time

SureFire got it. It’s hard to swallow that a flashlight as compact and portable as the new Titan® Plus actually cranks out 300 lumens of brilliant white light. But they’ve done the testing, so rest assured that your 300-lumen Titan Plus actually is 300 lumens. That goes for every other illumination tool they make as well—from their 320-lumen G2X™ to the 2,400-lumen Dominator® —the output you see listed on the box is the output you actually get!

surefire testing

SureFire individually tests every WeaponLight and virtually every* flashlight they make for lumen output, using state-of-the-art testing equipment in their advanced optics laboratory. If a light doesn’t measure up, it doesn’t make it into your hands. Because they won’t sell a product that doesn’t live up to our strict standards—even more importantly, up to yours.

Go with the best, Go SureFire!


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