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Introducing | The X-Series Weapon Lights

This ever-expanding, best-in-class series of handgun WeaponLight by SureFire features intense, TIR-lens-focused white-light and/or infrared beams – as well as boasting X400 models with vibrant red, green, and infrared laser sights.


surefire x series weapon light


You are able to choose from five different models and they are compatible with rail-equipped long guns too. Watch the product overview in the video provided below and get a closer look how they perform.





All models are available and they are waiting for you right here:


A statement from the author: The “SureFire way – how and for whom they accomplish their all-important mission” (watch a video about here) it´s my way as well! I´m thankful for such great products. I always enjoy them over the past view Years. While on duty, sports, home and hobby, I confirm their slogan: “Trust in SureFire”!


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