This SureFire LLC classic—originally developed for pilots—has been reinvented to feature a dual-output white primary LED and secondary colored LED in one sealed head, both focused by a TIR lens into a user-friendly beam with ample reach and surround light. The rugged, ultra-compact Aviator is available with secondary LEDs in one of four useful colors that do everything from reduce eye fatigue to cut through fog to help you find blood trails or hydraulic fluid leaks.

SureFire AviatorThe four separate models to choose from, each sporting a different colored secondary LED to help preserve eye fatigue and help get the job done the following ways:

Amber improves contrast and does not degrade scotopic or night adapted vision.
Blue more clearly defines shapes in the outdoors and helps identify blood and hydraulic fluid.
Red improves contrast and aids in reading red-light-readable topographic maps.
Yellow-Green is complimentary to the color spectrum used in most cockpits.

SureFire Aviator

A lightweight, rugged Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body, gaskets, and O-ring seals protect against the elements, while a sturdy stainless steel clip keeps this indispensable little light securely stowed in your pocket, pack, or-as its aeronautical name suggests-flight bag.


Get it here >> www.surefire.com/aviator