STRYKR – Covert Carry OPS Pants a ambidextrous concealed system optimized for a one-motion draw of your pistol.

Looking for a new method for concealed carry, The new line of STRYKR Covert Carry pants and shorts, features an integral, low-profile, drop-down tactical holster system. With no gun imprint. It allows you to easily conceal a full-to-small sized handgun. With the first ever 1-MOTION DRAW, it gives you fast access to your handgun that no other conceal-carry system can match. An ambidextrous modular system, the STRYKR COVERT CARGO – OPS PANTS was designed for military and L.E.O. providing a covert pocket system on both sides of the cargo pants, offering your conceal-carry on one side and the magazine/accessory insert on the other. Allows for right or left-handed drawing.


The “OPS Pants” has a covert pocket on BOTH SIDES. It’s a modular system which you can have the covert drop-down tactical holster on one side and a covert accessory insert on the other side to place either 2 handgun magazines, pepper spray, flashlight, etc (and/or use as a normal pocket). The holster and accessory insert can be swapped to any side, making the system ambidextrous and very versatile. With the holster positioned under the faux cargo pocket on the thigh, it’s the only conceal-carry system that is easily accessible while driving — no seat belt or sitting position preventing your draw. The break away faux cargo pocket is lined with a lightweight and super tough ballistic material which helps prevents the gun’s hammer or sights from getting caught on the pants, allowing a very quick 1-MOTION DRAW that is unmatched from any other conceal-carry system.



Double Covert Cargo pockets
1-MOTION Draw System
Snag Resistant
“Driver Draw”
Prevents “Pant Pull”
60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
rip-stop fabric
A Total of 8 Pockets
Diamond Gusset Crotch
Elastic Band Waist
Knee Pad Slots
Double Seat
Dual Front Slit Pockets
Fade Resistant Fabric
Dual Front D Rings
Built In Blousing Strings
Slanted Cargo Pocket Flaps For Seated Access
Zipper Fly
Double Knee Fabric

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