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Introducing | The Survival Grenade from SI

The SI Survival Grenade is a spark producing, fire starting, snare making, intruder strangling, shoelace replacing, object hanging, versatile survival aid that fits in the palm of your hand!

Strike Industries  Survival Grenade

Each grenade contains over 10’ of US made 550 Paracord, which can be used to make snares, tie down various objects, or a last resort self defense tool! With a 2” Ferro Rod woven into the core which will produce a 5,550◦ spark to easily start a fire for use under almost any survival condition. Also included is a keychain ring and SI 556 Dummy Round!




Package Includes
1x 28mm Split Ring Keychain
1x SI 556 Dummy Round
1x 2” Ferro Rod
1x Over 10’ of 550 US Made Paracord

-10+ feet of US Made 550 paracord
-2” Ferro Rod for fire starting capability
-SI Dummy Round for self defense or other use
-Key Ring for attachment

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