Strike Industries launches new line of cases for iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Traditional phone cases do not provide full coverage for curved body phones, or can leave the screen vulnerable to scratches or breakage on drops. To combat this, many users also have to purchase screen protectors on top of their case purchase. Other cases that provide full coverage tend to be bulky, un-ergonomic, and defeat the purpose of having a sleek, slim phone.

The Strike Case is an all in one complete protection package for your smart phone. This two-piece kit provides full coverage for your phone, including curved screen models. The front shield is a wrap-around anti-shock, self healing, oleophobic material that doesn’t distort or diminish the HD clarity of your screen. The TPU material absorbs impacts, protects against scratches, and enhances grip while maintaining your phone’s ergonomics.

The rear panel is constructed of a clear, scratch and oil resistant, high impact translucent polymer that showcases both your phone’s design, and is emblazoned with the Strike Industries logo to show off that SI pride.

The SI Strike Case offers complete, 360 degree protection for your smart phone, without sacrificing unnecessary bulk or functionality.


  • 360 degree protection against impact and scratches.
  • Hybrid rigid/flexible construction.
  • All-in-one protection case and screen protection
  • Easy Installation.

Note: Not to be used with other screen protectors.  The SI Strike Case also protects your screen.