STI International releases the HEX Tactical 3.0 Pistol

The new STI International HEX Tactical 3.0 Pistol offers the same great looks and function of the popular HEX Tactical 4.0 and 5.0 versions in a shorter, lighter package. STI removed the tactical rail on the HEX Tactical 3.0 to cut down on weight and width and made the frame out of aluminum.

The 2011 version has the shorter VIP length grip and the 1911 features the officer’s length frame. With a 3.7” barrel the gun is easy to conceal, even when compared to some of the smallest guns on the market, while giving shooters 15+1 round capacity in the 2011 model and 7+1 in the 1911 version.

The HEX serrations not only look great, they are the most functional serration on the market for providing a positive grip. The 360 degree grip surface ensures the gun can be racked with ease at any angle. The new HEX Tactical 3.0 Pistol comes with a black CeraKote™ finish and features a Hi-Power style cut in the front to make re-holstering easy. The ledge rear sight is fixed and durable and the front fiber optic makes target acquisition quick and easy. The HEX Tactical Pistol 3.0 has all of the features serious shooters want in a carry gun.

The HEX Tactical 3.0 Pistol from STI is available in 9mm and sells for $2,199 in the 1911 model and the 2011 model sells for $2,599.

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