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The BitzBlade from StatGear is a titanium everyday carry multi-tool with interchangeable driver bits, a carbide tip window punch and a utility blade all in one. Looking for funding on Kickstarter.

How many times have you just needed a screwdriver for a quick tightening of that loose screw on your cabinet or under your chair but were too lazy to go rummaging through your toolbox for such a small job. If you’re like me, you’ll just wait until your wife gives you a list of ten jobs requiring a screwdriver to go through all that trouble.

How often do you finally got that package in the mail you’ve been waiting for and now have to hunt for a nearby scissor or risk using your keys without damaging them just to open it up!

StatGear  Bitzblade

The Titanium BitzBlade EDC Multi-Tool is a patent-pending product aimed at helping you keep your most commonly used tools at your fingertips. With the six interchangeable stainless steel, double sided bits you have 12 different driver types/sizes to use. One is stored in the tool and the rest in the provided heavy duty nylon pouch which you can keep in a handy place like a tool box, glove compartment or kitchen drawer.

To use the stored driver all you have to do is unscrew the carbide tip window punch and flip it around and stick it back into the tool body. It is secured to the tool body and the driver is ready to use! The keyring end of the tool has a captive swivel allowing you to turn the tool to use the screwdriver without having to keep flipping around all the keys on your keyring!

For more information visit the crowdfunding page for the StatGear – BitzBlade on Kickstarter.

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