Dear Airsoft Warrior,
We hope you had a wonderful previous year and that you will have an even better 2012. You are receiving this newsletter since you are, or have been a part of our
wonderful hobby – airsoft.
First of all SSMG would like to thank all the great people that have been engaged with us and helping all of us within the hobby to create a better world for ourselves.
On our behalf, – Thank You!
Here are the topics for this letter:
– Events 2012
– Hunter Force Missions
– The Shadow Force
– Who’s coming
– What’s new?
– New pricing
– Difficult Units application form (Level 4-5)
– New fractions
– Unregistered Users
– SSMG Forum
– Buy, Sell and Trade
– The SSMG website
– New game area
During 2011 we managed to complete three out of four events. Two Tango and one Hunter Force Missions. Which is a 75% success ratio and totally acceptable.
Of course for your service, we always want the 100% completions.
Here are some Historical statistics over cancelled events:
            Operation Tango events: Never been cancelled 100% complete.
            Hunter Force Missions: One complete one cancelled 50% success.
2011 to 2012 is decreased by two events. One Tango and one HFM for 2012. The reason for this is that there are more international players joining us and we wouldn’t want
them to miss any Tango series or Hunter Force Missions. Coming to Sweden once or twice a year is a reasonable amount.
           Here are the dates for our events during 2012:
                                    Operation Tango Apocalypse: May 31 – June 3
                                    Hunter Force Missions: August 3 – 5
This new concept gives our participants brand new possibilities to explore airsoft from a different angle. Testing your skills, interacting with all the players in one base camp
and maximizing your adventure.HFM is the event where we focus on your military experience, testing the “cool stuff“ and where we bring in the experts. HFM is to be fun,
action packed, adventurous and team developing. Our game area gives us unlimited possibilities to all this. This is the event where everyone gets together at the fire place in the
evening, trade memories and fight hard when the time comes. All under the flag of SSMG.
        -The Shadow Force
SSMG always pick the best teams for this job. We want to deliver you the most dedicated, advanced and well trained airsoft teams there are, as opponents to our
Hunter Forces. The 2012 Shadow Force is ready and on standby waiting for you! Who are they? That’s classified!
All you need to know is that they are highly motivated, wear black and always masked.
You can on talk to some of the participants that have been to Hunter Force Missions. Log in and talk to them in our forum under HFM VETERANS.
SSMG has been increasing internationally the past year. Approx. 35% of all participants are from outside of Sweden. As it seems, SSMG is spreading rapidly throughout
Europe and we are expecting an up pointing trend on this front.
We see it as a great opportunity for all of you to meet during our events, exchange experience, combat against different countries and techniques.
Besides the above mentioned we have updated the web site to make it more convenient for you. It is important that our webpage is time saving and user friendly.
Therefore all applications have been automated. If you are logged in to your account and would apply for an event, the information from your profile will automatically be
extracted and inserted to your event application form. All this to minimize key strokes when applying. Make sure that your profile withholds as much information as possible
to make things easier for you.
        – New pricing
As you can notice our price range has changed. Not by much, but just enough to help us achieve what we all want – Memorable airsoft events.
SSMG is pushing the limit towards development. The goal is to make your airsoft the best, most advanced and realistic there is. During 2012 are we planning to bring in the
heavy stuff, such as armor and helicopter. This is the most expensive luxury for all of us, can be lots of fun and give us a whole new dimension and depth at our events,
but at a very high price. There are no guarantees that the budget will cut it for us, but if it doesn’t we’ll have residue for pyrotechnics instead.
All depends on how many participants we´ll have. We want this to be standard at our events. There is a first time for everything and we would like Tango Apocalypse to be it.
As you know we are strictly controlled by our budget for the event. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to do anything at all. We have all the potential to develop
this together. Thanks for being with us.
        -Difficult Units application form (Level 4-5)
The application form for our difficult units is placed within the regular application form for Operation Tango Games. You’ll find the link to it at the top right in the Tango form.
This form is a new development. It has been extended for your purpose to help you make the right decisions before an event. Log in and check out the new form.
        -New fractions
There are some new fraction for the 2012 Tango operation.
Here’s the list:
*SWEFORCE A-DYK (Swedish combat diver units – for the ones that want the extra adventure with diving in-game)
*NATO US SWCC (Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen – for teams with boats instead of vehicles. Minimum  speed 15kn with full crew)
*EFAF Spetsnaz (Russian Special Purpose units)
        -Unregistered Users
It is now possible to register for an event without creating a profile. With one click you can access the registration form, from our front page. You will be taken to a simplified
registration form, after your done filling it, you will be taken to the PayPal payment page. With a simple two step action you’re done. Although this has an extra handling
fee added to it since we have to process your application manually instead of you creating a profile. Unregistered users are also relieved from
several obligations, such as Google Latitude and profiling. Registering a profile is totally free. Registered users have a 40,5% discount on all events automatically.
Event discussions can be found here. All players are welcome to level info with each other. Game details are presented in our forum. Such as time, dates, coordinates etc etc…
        -Buy, Sell and Trade
Don’t miss out on our free buy and sell section in our forum. We have several hundred registered users whom you can sell and buy from.
In 2012 SSMG will decide for a new game area. This decision has been delayed due to high requirements from our side. We want the new area to be at least as good as Laxå.
This doesn’t mean that Laxå will be cancelled, only that we will have two great gaming areas instead of one. Operation Tango will be dedicated to Laxå and the new
Operations with the new concept, to the new area. HFM will most likely countinue in Laxå.
We are hoping on delivering our first new game 2013 at our new area.
Thank you for reading this news letter. Hope it was informative. We all wish you an exciting 2012 airsoft season. See you out there!
At your service,