Springfield Armory releases “Anatomy of a Concealed Carry Draw”, a free ebook to help you improve your technique when drawing your concealed weapon.

Anatomy of a Concealed Carry Draw 4

When and where legal, there are many positives to carrying a pistol concealed. Chief among them is the lowered visibility to the outside world. The whole point of concealed carry is to be discreetly armed.

Anatomy of a Concealed Carry Draw 3

When it comes to drawing your concealed firearm, though, how do the experts do it? What’s the safest and most efficient way?

Our e-book, “Anatomy of a Concealed Carry Draw,” demonstrates:

  • The two-handed draw and re-holster
  • The one-handed draw and re-holster
  • Safety guidelines for firearm handling
  • Our top recommendations for concealed carry pistols

If You Want To Carry Like A Pro, Make Sure You Can Draw Like A Pro.

Anatomy of a Concealed Carry Draw

Download the Springfield Armory e-book now, and their experts will show you, step by step, exactly how to draw like a pro.

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