SPEED Airsoft releases new T-Slot Accessories for M-LOK handguards.

SPEED Airsoft releases T-Slot Accessories that are fully compatible with M-LOK handguards. The new SPEED T-Slot Accessories utilize the proven T-Slot nut system that is being used in the CNC machining industry. The SPEED T-Slot nuts are non-rotating and thus have greater holding power, as they can be torque down for zero movement.

The use of the new SPEED T-Slot Flashlight Accessory allow a tactical flashlight to be positioned up tight against the top corner of the M-LOK rail, allowing fast access to the flashlight’s on/off button for quick action during intense CQB games.

SPEED T-Slot 04

Two different versions are available for the two different styles of grips: those who grip close to the magazine area (standard mount), and those who grip the handguard almost to the end towards the barrel (extended mount). These mounts also come in three different diameters to support the industry sized tactical flashlights: 0.83”, 1.00” and 1.03”.

SPEED T-Slot 01

The new SPEED T-Slot Tactical Action Camcorder Mounts for cylinder action camcorders will direct-mount with no adapters to the popular line of cylindrical action camcorders with 24mm or 30mm diameter.

SPEED T-Slot 02

The new SPEED T-Slot Foregrips and Front Handguard Stops will direct-mount with no adapters to any M-LOK based handguard system.

SPEED T-Slot 06

SPEED Airsoft products are all in-house CNC precision machined from USA grade billet aluminum by SPEED Airsoft in Canada.

For more info, visit SPEED Airsoft at www.SpeedAirsoft.com or get your SPEED products from SPEED authorized airsoft dealers worldwide.