Our friends from SpecShop.pl sent in news about a new delivery of products they just received with articles from ASG, Princeton Tec and ImaxRC.

SpecShop.pl obtained some new arrivals from ASG DK company –  replicas and accessories.

ASG DK is a worldwide manufacturer offering firearms replicas and accessories to them – including airsoft guns, airguns, Co2 guns, paintball markers and toyguns. It specializes in producing 1:1 scale replica guns and accessories used for training, sports, entertainment and collection. The assortment consists mainly licensed models and exclusive subbrands.
asg new arrivals

Moreover, the store got a delivery of chargers from ImaxRC company.

ImaxRC is the pioneer at specialized chargers market. The history of this producer reaches back to 2001. Current offer is targeted to everybody who looks for efficient and safe chargers for LiPo, NiMh, NiCd and LiPoFe cells. ImaxRC creates legendary A3, B3 and B6 chargers.
imax products

Finally, SpecShop.pl got restocked with Princeton Tec headlamps.

Princeton Tec has been pioneering new technologies and building lights for more than three decades. In pursuit to be the world’s best, Princeton Tec travelled the earth by ocean, by air, by bike and by foot. The company consulted great athletes, scaled mountains, traversed the poles, touched the ocean floors and rolled two wheels on every continent.

princeton products

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