Our friends from SpecShop.pl sent in news about a new delivery of products they just received with articles from Lowa, Rite in the Rain, Lumica Light and Batac.

Tactical boots from legendary LOWA are utilized by many special forces operators, soldiers and law enforcement personnel all over the world. These durable, multi-purpose boots are designed for demanding missions for work under great pressure in diversified and extreme hard terrain.


The Rite in the Rain story began nearly a century ago in the forests of the Great Northwest. Entrepreneur, Jerry Darling, recognized the logging industry’s need for a durable material that could be written on and survive in poor weather conditions. Over the many years environmentally responsible coating process was perfected and patented in order to provide innovative products for professionals and enthusiasts who brave the outdoors.


Lumica Light® glowsticks are developed through intensive research into the natural process of photoluminescence. It can be used for indoor and out with safety – a portable light with no risk of fire. The usage is only limited by your imagination.


SpecShop.pl got restocked with the finest quality outdoor socks made by Czech company BATAC. They are suitable for daily use and for wearing in demanding conditions and ideal for professionals. Used technologies make them useful accessory to the uniforms of soldiers, policemen and other armed forces.


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