Our friends from SpecShop.pl sent in news about a new delivery of products they just received with articles from Bates, Helikon-Tex and Lumica Light Company.

SpecShop.pl as obtained a delivery of professional boots from Bates. Bates proudly serves as one of the largest suppliers of footwear to the U.S. federal government, the Department of Defense and public service departments throughout the United States.

And while the materials we use have changed throughout the years, our commitment to making the finest footwear for military, police, and other uniformed public services hasn’t. As a result, every one of the 1.5 million pairs of Bates boots and shoes we sell each year ultimately benefits those who deserve it most: men and women in uniform.

bates products

Helikon-Tex was established in 1983. Started as a squats supplier and have been doing it to late 90s. By 2000 decided to start own production to respond market’s need and trends.

Now Helikon-Tex ia producer of military, outdoor and hunting line. In his offer has field uniforms, waterproof and windproof sets, fleece jackets with membranes, underwear and head gear. In their offer are also backpacks, extra equipped belts, pouches in MOLLE system and survival accessories. Helikon-Tex products are used by safe guard services, police, army and special forces.

helikon products

Lumica Light Lightstick is a high-quality lightweight and efficient chemical light, which for its operation does not require batteries or fire. It has many uses, like marking positions during the night walk, illuminating the nearest surroundings or as an emergency light source.

lumica products

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