SA to product it´s own Brand Receiver

Recently, Specna Arms has released some pictures at their faceebook page about a receiver unit they´re working on. It´s their own design and they have been asking their customers about their opinions on it and or if they have any suggestion what to make better or change.

Below is a statement regarding the feedback from you. Check that out:

Hello Everyone, we are thankful for all your comments regarding our design of the receiver! We’ve gathered some of your opinions:

💡 SAEC system on board
💡 Trigger guard with a finger rest
💡 Skeleton magwell
💡 45-degree fire selector
💡 Ambidextrous magazine release
💡 Less futuristic
💡 Ambidextrous fire selector- Got you covered 
💡 Less logo – Can’t do that we love it too much

These were the most common suggestions. Now, we are getting back to work on that model. We will see if any of them can be applied, so no promises! Once again, big thanks for your feedback. Your remarks are a very valuable source, also in case of our other projects, so keep them coming!

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