With the new year comes the new product line from Specna Arms, EDGE 2.0

Constant development is one of our driving forces. With EDGE 2.0, we are trying to improve the well-known construction to offer players an even higher level of performance. Inside EDGE 2.0 models, you will find solutions from the top shelf like GATE ASTER™ Unit, Helium™ Flat Hop Bucking, ESA2™ System, and Solar™ Trigger (Made under GATE® Quantum Trigger license).

While designing the EDGE 2.0 replicas, we have reached our fans and customers. Their feedback helped us to upgrade also other elements of our products.

Therefore, the New Line have on board:
>> New, reinforced ball bearings ready for the high speed configurations
>> Polymer piston head instead of the metal one. It offers better sealing and gives more stable results (also with stronger springs), and minimizes the risk of cracking the gearbox shell.

In the future, new standards will be introduced in other EDGE replicas.

For more information, visit >> www.specnaarms.com