SOCOM GEAR // Baer Ultimate Recon licensed 1911

Les Baer custom are famous 1911 and AR maker in US.They acknowledged as the leader in the development of precision built custom firearms that simply outperform any other guns in their product categories. It’s our pleasure to introduce licensed Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon model gas blow back Airsoft gun to players!

SOCOM GEAR / Baer Ultimate Recon

This collector desired piece is 100% made in Taiwan with real gun quality polymer Golf Ball Dimple/Steamline panels. This project is combined with KJ Works, MadBull Airsoft, SocomGear, and other factories in Taiwan. Parts will be the same as KJW KP07 which is CO2 and green gas capable model.





– Licensed by Les Baer Custom
– Authentic copy of  Baer 1911 Ultimate Recon Pistol, 5”
– Golf Ball Dimple/Steamline polymer grip
– Green Gas or CO2 powered
– CO2 magazine is optional (Compatible with KJW)
– 25+1 rds 6mm BB capacity


More product details at Socom Gear Website