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Tasmanian Tiger shop update at Sniper AS

A couple new products from TT are now available at Sniper Airsoft Supply. As they already have a huge selection for you in lots of colors, they added some more in Coyote Brown to it.

New in stock: Plate Carrier MKII, Chest Rig MKII M4, Mission Pack, Essential Pack, SGL Mag Pouch Bel, SGL Mag Pouch BEL M4, DBL Mag Pouch BEL, Tac Pouch 3 Radio, Tac Pouch 4 Horizontal, Tac Pouch 5, Tac Pouch 6, 2 SGL Mag Pouch BEL and the 2 SGL Mag Pouch BEL M4. Below is a quick overview from em for you.

TT Mission Pack

For the full product informations, just visit their website at: were you also find all other TT products.


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