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Introducing | The Snake Eater Tactical – War Belt

…is a complete war fighter system which includes the Hypalon inner pant belt, the pad, and the 1.75″ Cobra Duty belt.


The S.E.T. War Belt project eliminated the bulk, weight, and redundancy of the traditional padded belt system. The result is a platform that is stronger, more versatile, lower profile, and lighter weight than anything else on the market.

The S.E.T. War Belt is a three part system that can be used with or without a pad.

A thin and light weight 1.75″ pant belt cut from one piece of hypalon. This reduces weight and bulk as compared to a belt made from nylon webbing. The hypalon belt has 1.5″ loop velcro sewn around the entire outside. The end is secured down with a velcro closure. A low profile pad made from 4mm closed cell foam and heavy weight nylon mesh. The pad has hook velcro sewn to one side and loop velcro sewn to the other. The nylon mesh allows the belt to dry quickly. The 4mm foam padding keeps a low profile, reduces weight, and keeps your gear as close to your body as possible.


Each end of the padded belt has 1″ webbing keeps sewn on. A 1.75″ Cobra Duty Belt made from Type 13 parachute webbing and Cobra Buckle. This is the part of the system that carries the load. The Duty belt is constructed with two layers of webbing for the perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility and has our standard 2″ channel next to the Cobra buckle for clipping carabiners through. On the back side is where it is different. 1″ reinforced hook velcro is sewn down in 2 1/4″ increments creating MOLLE compatible channels. This allows the operator to install gear without interfering with the velcro interface. Of course any gear that would normally be used on a 1.75″ or 2″ belt can still be utilized.


The result is a low profile, light weight, and rock solid load carrying system. The inner belt, pad and outer belt are all secured to each other with 360 degrees of velcro. You can run, jump, climb, crawl, squat etc, and this belt wont go anywhere. To further increase the versatility of this system, we eliminated the velcro from the running end of the belt.


This allows for a greater adjustment range since the tail can be tucked back behind the belt or under a pouch. The benefit to this is two fold. The outer primary belt can be tightened down and used without the pad. It can also be opened up bigger if the operator wants to wear the system over a bulky coat. The padded belt’s heavy weight nylon mesh is naturally slip resistant.

This is a complete system which includes the Hypalon inner pant belt, the pad, and the 1.75″ Cobra Duty belt.

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