G&G Armament Releases new SMC-9 GGB Carbine.

Looking for a competitive edge? The SMC-9 is a compact GBB rifle that is gas efficient and accurate. It utilizes the GTP 9 GBB pistol lower frame for a truly one of a kind airsoft rifle in today’s market.

It features a 6.03mm tight bore barrel, full metal receiver and M-LOK rail, a collapsible stock, and it comes with a 50 round magazine. We are also including a speed loader and a bigger back strap for the perfect grip.

Alongside this new GBB G&G Armament also released a 50 Round Gas Magazine for  the SMC-9 (SKU:G-08-181) and two different nozzles, the Nozzle Kit 1J Blue (SKU:G-06-078) and the Nozzle Kit 1.2J Yellow (SKU: G-06-078-1)

For more information, plese visit >> www.guay2.com/SMC9