So you bought your first gas blowback pistol and you want to know how you can improve the performance and consistency of it. Looking into taking it apart and messing with different parts can be different for each type of pistol unless it’s a Hi Capa. Some pistols don’t even have upgrade parts available and most can actually reduce performance and consistency (recoil springs).

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So what can you do that is universal to all pistols? What can you do that will improve the performance and consistency of your GBB pistol without much effort or too much disassembly?

The one thing you can do to improve your GBB pistol is to increase the tension of the hammer spring. By doing so, you will improve the trigger break of your pistol and increase the strength of the knocker that releases the gas of the magazine. This will improve the gas performance and consistency of the gas based on the difference in pressure.

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With a Hi Capa, it’s as simple as taking out the hammer spring housing, removing the spring and adding a BB to the end of the spring to increase tension. With many other pistols like the CZ Shadow, the same can be done by removing the hammer spring housing and adding a BB to the housing. With pistols that work differently, there will be the requirement to purchase a stronger hammer spring to create the same effect.