the summit collection

 The Summit AK Collection, a collaboration project between SilencerCo and Rifle Dynamics to bring you something amazing, the ultimate suppressed AK package.


The Summit Begins

Summit: a peak; pinnacle; destination; goal. When you’ve reached the Summit, that signals that you’ve reached the highest point; that it’s time to turn back. At SilencerCo, Summit means something a little different.

The Summit line of products embodies our goal to provide consumers with only the best-in-class and cutting-edge products. When you strive to create the best, progress never stops; because of that, SilencerCo’s Summit is ever changing and evolving. Through this family of products, we will introduce exclusive partnerships and collaborations that have never and will never be seen anywhere else. So stay tuned – the best is right here.


Our Summit line isn’t a destination; it’s a series of unique milestones in a larger journey.

Rifle Dynamics has made their mark by building the most accurate fighting rifles in the world – rifles that are now staples in the arsenals of the best trainers and the most demanding end users. When SilencerCo decided to suppress an AK, it was only natural that we reach out to a company with such a highly respected reputation – and the products to back it up.


Featuring the SilencerCo Omega – the lightest, quietest, and shortest full auto rated .30 cal suppressor on the market – and a Rifle Dynamics 7.62 x 39 AK, this package represents 30+ hours of labor to create a finished product that is beyond compare.


Rifle Dynamics has gone to great lengths to optimize each host for suppression. Included in these changes are a custom recoil spring and gas tube to minimize back pressure and cyclic rate increase, as well as a barrel with perfectly cut concentric threads to ensure proper and secure mounting.

Due to the labor-intensive nature of these builds, only 25 of each configuration will be available for purchase.


  • Black Omega w/ ASR Fast Attach Mount and Flat Front Cap
  • 14.5″ Barrel w/ Pinned ASR Trifecta Flash Hider
  • Matching Serial Numbers
  • Hand Crafted Collector’s Edition Reclaimed Wood Crate
  • One 30-Round Magazine
  • Matte Black Finish on Rifle and Suppressor
  • Ultimak Railed Gas Tube for Optic
  • US-Made Barrel w/ Black Nitride Finish
  • US-Made Receiver
  • Triangle Skeleton Side-Folding Stock

This initial release will be followed by additional variants in 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39, and 300 BLK. Available later this year.

Available for purchase through Silencer Shop. Visit

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