SilencerCo is proud to introduce their latest Summit collaboration featuring a lever gun by Big Horn Armory.

The team at Big Horn Armory, the nation’s leading premium lever action rifle maker, prides themselves on continuing the rich legacy of all-American firearms. Honoring the long tradition of sporting rifles, Big Horn’s dedicated team owns the design and manufacturing process from start to finish to ensure only the highest quality products.

SilencerCo Big Horn Armory

Pairing modern CNC manufacturing with traditionalist woodworking, this exclusive Summit Package features a premium Big Horn Model 90 chambered in .460 Smith & Wesson and a Summit Edition matte black Hybrid silencer enclosed in a custom, handcrafted leather scabbard that accommodates the rifle with silencer attached.

SilencerCo Big Horn Armory 2

This platform can fire .460 Smith & Wesson, .454 Casull, or .45 Long Colt with no modification, delivering consistent reliability, dependability, and downrange performance against all types of North American game with these straight-walled cartridges. This beautiful western themed package provides customers with a unique collector’s piece that has unquestionable utility on the range.

SilencerCo Big Horn Armory 4

Package Details

  • Big Horn Armory Model 90 Chambered in .460 Smith & Wesson [Alternate : .45 Long Colt, .454 Casull]
  • 9.5” Picatinny Scout Scope Mount in Matte Hunter Black Finish
  • Aperture Rear Sight & Blade Front Sight
  • 18” Barrel Threaded in 5/8×24
  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Action
  • American Walnut Stock
  • Matte Hunter Black Metal Finish
  • Summit Edition Matte Black Hybrid
  • Matching Summit Engraving on Model 90 & Hybrid
  • American-Made, Custom Leather Scabbard Accommodates Rifle with Attached Silencer
  • Horse-Ready Scabbard Can Be Shouldered or Used in Conjunction with Saddle (Horse Not Included)
  • Matching Summit Branding on Scabbard
  • Only (25) Limited-Edition Packages Available

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