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The new prism-based Bravo 4 sights from Sig Sauer allows for  high-resolution performance in compact dimensions.

The fusion of game-changing electronic technologies, superior glass and optical designs, resulting in rugged precision optics worthy of the SIG SAUER name. Featuring tactical riflescopes, hunting riflescopes, megaview and standard battle sights, miniature reflex sights, closed red-dot sights, laser rangefinders, binoculars and spotting scopes.


When the action is fast, your target acquisition must be faster. Designed for MSR/AR rifles, fixed power Bravo prism-based battle sights are optimized for close to medium range targeting situations where speed is a must. The prism design allows for compact overall dimensions with high resolution performance.


The Bravo 4 with Stealth ID is as tough on the outside as it is on the inside, this is one rugged optic. The Bravo 4 is the world’s first ultra wide field of view battle sight. An unmatched 45% wider field of view than the leading competitor. The flat, distortion-free target image boasts unprecedented edge-to-edge clarity by means of low dispersion glass and a spherical lens design.

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