The breakdown – Sh*t You See on the Range 2

Polenar Tactical is one of the best gun channels on Youtube to be making content for gun owners and enthusiasts in the past few years. This month, they released the much anticipated “Sh*t You See on the Range” second video which is as you guessed, a sequel to an earlier video they posted many years ago.

Before we start talking about the stereotypes in this article, we highly recommend you watch the video first. We will be spoiling a majority of this video, so please make sure you’ve watched all 6 minutes of it prior to continuing in this article. And thanks to our UK Editor for taking the time writing this 😉

Mall Cop

It is a common insinuation that a Mall Cop, or Rent-A-Cop, is someone who is a wannabe police officer who either is still in training to or already attempted to become a law enforcement officer. They try their best to impersonate a police officer and are often blindly construed as hungry for the power of law enforcement in their malls. Polenar goes a step further to show how poorly trained and knowledgable the stereotypical Mall Cop is.

It’s an amusing stereotype but quite a weak one compared to the next stereotypes following up from it.

The Englishman

Now anyone who knows the gun laws in the UK will know that this stereotype is severely exaggerated to the point that it is untrue. You can own firearms in the UK and many do (especially shotguns), however, the joke here is about how strict gun laws are perceived by the rest of the world (and ill-informed UK residents). Polenar did a great job at doing a gangster-style look for the Englishman, however even there, gun crime in the UK is quite evident.

Another amusing stereotype that is perceived by outsiders but funny none the less.

Boog Boi

Anyone who’s into their gun memes and/or lives in the US will know about the Boogaloo and the people behind it. It is a common idea to promote far-right extremism against a tyrannical government as a unified militia. Boog Boi is a great stereotype of someone who is a part of that movement, but maybe impersonating more than believing in such movement just to be “one of the cool guys”.

The Hawaiian shirt, makeshift pink sling and generic AR15 is a great stereotype. Especially when the ATF comes around and the Boog Boi decided to surrender than fight back.

Brass Goblin

If you are a member of a gun range, you definitely know one or two people who are very much this stereotype. They pick up all the brass regardless of who spent it, so they can later reload it for a cheaper alternative to paying for their own. Although Polenar exaggerates this stereotype, it is one of the most realistic stereotypes of the entire series so far.

Being manically obsessed with collecting brass even when they’re hot. The Brass Goblin is known for scaring away when being caught in the act.

The Fudd

The Fudd is by far one of our favourite stereotypes as they can be one of the worst to come across. They think they know everything, even though they call a “magazine”, a “clip”. This character generally tends to be pro-gun but hypocritically does not support the second-amendment for others but himself. Thinks he’s special and nobody can touch him.

This stereotype is greatly represented when he picks up the SKS to shoot, and gets flashbacks of other YouTubers who have been making awesome content such as Brandon Herrera, Lucas Botkin and Garand Thumb.

Cross Fit

This one is an interesting stereotype as it actually represents an interesting community of 3 Gun Nation enthusiasts and other types of competitors who like mixing practical shooting with physical challenges (carrying barrels or pulling weights). This is a generalised stereotype which is still very funny as it exaggerates the idea that this character puts more involvement in gym-related exercise than shooting.

Going through what looks like a tiny version of a strong man competition, the character leads his way to a handgun and shoots a few loose rounds at a target before calling it quits for his exercise.

Instagram Operator

Ah yes, the Instagram Operator. I’m sure we have all seen this stereotype all over social media. In fact, I’m sure we all have contributed to this stereotype at some point or another at multiple times. A cool but greatly exaggerated operator who’s main focus is getting themselves recorded whilst doing something they think is cool.

Slashing through cardboard, wearing Helikon Tex shirts and trying to look awesome on camera is the purest for this stereotype, other than taking loads of photos of you and your gear of course.


Well… they call themselves the anti-anti-anti-anti-anti-fascists who are supposedly anti-far-right. Known for taking up protests without actually taking political action in both non-violent and violent formats. The stereotype is of a wimpish individual who attempts to be violent but doesn’t know how to, whilst trying to act tough.

Polenar does a great job at representing this as the character cowers and crys when releasing the bolt on the rifle she picks up.

CZ Gun Owner

This is a pretty funny stereotype that is shared no matter what part of the gun community you are in. The CZ handguns are great competition handguns which are well known for being the hipster competition gun where any of the alternatives are not considered. All this character links is a typical hipster to the ownership of a CZ handgun, however, it does so very well.

Riding down the road in a scooter, the hipster stops to open his man bag with a fidget spinner, vape, Waifu Dynamics patch and of course, a CZ handgun (we think it’s a 75 TS).

Quick Draw

This stereotype is a bit weird. We are obviously getting some cowboy vibes here and the aesthetic is very much old western enthusiast who likes to shoot from the hip as quickly as possible. You can check out some very fast shooting competitors in the cowboy circuits. We’re saying this is weird as the joke of shooting yourself in the foot, and the audio is pulled straight from the paddle holster incident which lead to proof that the Serpa holsters are dangerous.

It’s still funny to see this stereotype. Just not sure whether it’s a homage to the cowboy slinger or Tex Grebner who shot himself with a 1911.

The Competitor

With Salomon shoes and sponsor stickers from A to Z, this one is close to home for me personally. But then, a majority of us have come across the competitor at a range or online. Wearing non-tactical clothing and resembling someone who’s about to go for a run with a shooting belt on. The IPSC, USPSA, 3 Gun competitor, or practical shooter is always getting ready to shoot a course of fire once they hear the beep. This however does not always go as planned when the beep goes off.

Sometimes, to no fault of their own, mistakes happen when the beep goes off. Having a magazine drop out of your gun is one of many funny mishaps that can occur to the Competitor.

Gun Bunny

Not to be mistaken for a Thot. The gun bunny is a girl who’s primary interest in firearms is to gain more audience from gun enthusiasts with sex appeal. Normally seen brandishing a hot item… and a gun. This character is mostly seen shooting pictures and videos than at actual targets. Beware as this gun bunny has poor gun handling and may sweep you with her muzzle.

Wearing provocative clothing and spending more time on their phone or camera. This is one stereotype that Polenar has done a pretty easy impersonation of. I think we need more Gun Daddies.


If you pay attention, you will notice that the “Sniper” is in quotations. This means that this stereotype is a misconception of what would normally be a PRL shooter (Precision Rifle League). The fact that they use MDT chassis and care for each round fired is true, however, the amount of time they spend on the maths and preparation is not. It is however very funny to watch, especially with the huge CPU fan that is attached to the Vortex PST optic.

It is worth noting that many precision rifle competitions are timed, so being able to take measurements and take your time is very much a “Sniper” way of doing things.

And that is it for this article. We hope you enjoyed our overview of the video. If you did enjoy the Polenar Tactical video, make sure you watch the original. Or you can wait, until we make an article for that video as well. Tell us what you think is your favourite stereotype in the comments below.