World War 2 reenactors and collectors, here´s something some of you may waited to be released a long time now! The Shoei G43 GBBR.

Tomio of Shoei send in this news about the project which started a long time ago and finally comes to an good end. Read more below…

Shoei G43

Greetings to all our devoted customers! We are pleased to inform you that we are now accepting pre-orders for our newest project – G43 Air blow back BB rifle.  This will be the first of its kind in the entire airsoft market in the world. Therefore reserve yours today and be the only handful of collectors with a G43 Blow back Rifle!

The planned selling price will be approximately 210,000 JPY which is about ~1800 € plus shipping. At the present time, we are anticipating that it would require 4 to 5 months to complete our project and ready for the market.  Projected selling date will be around Spring of 2017.

Also please be advised that the operating cost to finish this project will not be easy and cheap. As always, we manufacture our products at different intervals and each interval will have one fixed and small amount of product. Thus our first production of the new G43 will be of (or around) 200 pieces.  After that, any continuation of thereafter will be based on market’s demand. As you already know, our products have always been of high quality in both metal and wood, realistic in both function and appearance, and most importantly very limited production. Therefore this new G43 will be just as good or may be even better than the rest of our past products thanks to the latest manufacturing process.  For instance, our wood stock will be made of laminated wood just like the original WW2 G43, and all metal components will be intricately reproduced and manufactured via molding process. Therefore the production cost will be astronomical but we will do our best keep our price around 210,000 JPY or may be even a bit lower.  We don’t know until we start the work but at least you have a rough idea of the retail price range.

We would kindly ask for a deposit of half the retail price to reserve your G43 just like what we did on the FG42s.  Once we received your deposit, we will guaranty you of your reservation also with your deposits it will facilitate our manufacturing cost.

Shoei G43

I am looking forward to hear and receive your pre-order/s soon.

This email is to inform you that our last and remaining stock of the FG42 Type 2 is getting very low. Right off hands, we have approximately less than 20 pieces left in our inventory. Also our Japanese Yens has decreased its value against many foreign currencies at the present time. Therefore, this is also a good opportunity for our foreign buyers to buy what is left at a lower price!

Thank you very much always!

Greetings from Japan.

Best regards,

Tomio Matsumoto
Shoei Seisakusho Inc., Japan
Address: 5-9-1 Asahi Kawaguchi Saitama 332-0001 Japan
Phone: +81 48 226 1855 Fax: +81 48 225 2133