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Finally available for pre-order is the BANSHEE ELITE 2.0 from Shellback Tactical

The BANSHEE 2.0 ELITE Plate Carrier (AKA Banshee 2.0) is here. This new unique advanced plate carrier was created from feedback and input from customers, military and law enforcement feedback on what they wanted to see in a plate carrier.

Shellback Tactical BANSHEE ELITE 2.0

The Banshee Elite from the feedback and several prototype designs was born. Unparalleled comfort, mobility and design.

Shellback Tactical BANSHEE ELITE 2.0

The Shoulders on the BANSHEE ELITE are fully adjustable and padded. Slightly wider than the original banshee the shoulders lay flatter on your body and have a hidden quick release buckle. The shoulders front and back have Hypalon material with 4 slits that is pliable allowing for easy access to the buckles.

Shellback Tactical BANSHEE ELITE 2.0

The bottoms of the Hypalon shoulders are not sewn down allowing for easier routing of comm wires or hydration lines. New Update – The shoulders include a set of our Banshee Ultimate shoulder pads with all Elite carriers.

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