Schwartz Tactical releases the ST Vengeance Gen. II Karambit Knife.

The ST Vengeance Generation II improves upon our original Vengeance Karambit. The carbon fiber and titanium construction remains, but is slightly reconfigured for a better fit in the hand. The second generation Vengeance measures 5.75″ from blade tip to the center of the 1.125″ diameter finger ring.

Schwartz Tactical ST Vengeance Gen. II

The handle is wrapped in 550 paracord and the Holstex ® material sheath is molded specifically to the blade for a secure fit.

Schwartz Tactical ST Vengeance Gen. II 2

The blade is sharpened on both sides and a layer of tungsten carbide is applied to the 2.625″ blade to reinforce the titanium cutting edge.

Schwartz Tactical ST Vengeance Gen. II 3

A single edged option is also available. The ST Vengeance II Karambit weighs 3.0 oz with the sheath and 2.2 without.

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