Introducing| The On Point Fixed Iron Sights from Scalarworks.

In making the On Point Sights Scalarworks left no stone unturned and few parts untouched.On Point Sights retain what’s great about classic fixed iron sights, while making meaningful improvements to function, fit, and finish.

While carbine length rifles have become the norm; most fixed iron sights are still using components designed for the 20″ M16A2. On Point Sights are designed around a modern 15″ sight radius.

On Point Sights have manually adjustable elevation (front) and windage (rear): Both with a refined 0.5MOA/click, which matches a Red Dot sight’s. The OPS sight post is CNC machined to the correct width for a 15″ sight radius, non-rotating for finer adjustment, and flat faced to eliminate highlight bias.

On Point Sights have precision CNC milled apertures that are flat toward the shooter, so they won’t create highlight bias. Stock A2 peep apertures are cast and have a scallop facing the shooter that can generate a misleading highlight.