Get your SAI M870 MKII & enter the shotgun gameplay

Ever wanted to run a shotgun during a game? But you where unsure which model to buy or take out? The EMG M870 MKII based on the APS is one to go with for sure.

The CAM870 MKII retains all of the hallmarks of the original CAM870 such as the pump action and shell ejecting action. APS however, has entirely redesigned the CAM870 gas system for the MKII system. Instead of using a complicated charging rig and having to charge each individual shotgun shell, the MKII gas system holds the gas in the bolt, requiring the user to only have to charge the bolt, reducing time spent loading and cost of shells.

This convenient new system allows players to quickly top off their shotgun with a gas charge on the field with portable CO2 canisters (approximately 7-8 shots per full fill; 50~ shots off a single 88g CO2 canister).

Now available for the european players from Gunfire in Poland in traditional Black and more fancy looking MultiCam.

Grab yours >>