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The SD-1 Limited Edition, Sage Dynamics MK1 Rifle by Primary Weapons Systems.

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Instructor edition and company branded rifles come and go. Sometimes they can be nothing more than a direct factory rifle; branded with this name or that, and the price raised just because of it. The Sage Dynamics Edition PWS MK1 rifle is different. Sage Dynamics wanted to offer something unique without creating a gimmick. Aaron Cowan hand picked the features, while avoiding any feature that would increase the price needlessly.

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The “SD-1” is a limited run rifle build on the solid PWS Direct Impingement operating system, offering features that cannot be found in other production rifles. The SD-1 includes some gear you would expect; rifle hard case, one Magpul PMAG magazine and some PWS swag. What else it includes is far from standard but underlines what Sage is; which is a training company with a Students-First focus.

Each SD-1 rifle includes a voucher for three Sage Dynamics rifle courses, allowing you to run one of the best production rifles out there through some of the most realism-foucused training available. When I decided to offer a rifle with the Sage name, it had to be about more than the tool; I wanted to include training as part of the package. These vouchers do not expire and they can be used for any Sage Dynamics rifle course.

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By including three courses, Sage Dynamics hopes to greatly offset the price of the rifle to the buyer and increase the overallvalue of choosing a Sage Dynamics Edition PWS rifle.

Sage Dynamics Edition PWS DI Specs

  • PWS DI 16″ barrel, Isonite QPQ® treated. 1:8 twist
  • .223 Wylde chamber
  • PWS FSC Muzzle Device
  • Gemtech Suppressed Bolt Carrier Group
  • CMC Flat Profile 3.5 Pound Single Stage Trigger
  • PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube
  • PWS Lightweight 15″ Keymod rail
  • 7075 aluminum upper and lower receiver
  • Magpul MOE grip
  • Magpul STR Stock
  • Magpul BUS Sights
  • Kryptek Typhon finish with Sage logo lower and “SD-1” marked upper

Retail: $2100 – To order the SD-1: Email

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